Software developed by Naoki Sato

Hypercard stacks (Macintosh only)

NStimer: A Hypercard (TM) stack of laboratory timer.

Buffers and Media : A Hypercard (TM) stack for making media in laboratory.

HyperNotebook: A Hypercard (TM) stack for compiling documents. See detailed help message in the title card.

Protocols (Mac binary): A Hypercard (TM) stack of laboratory manual. It incorporates various cards such as Buffers and Media, Timer, and Calculation tool, all of which are interrelated by linking. This stack contains real protocols that are routinely used in our laboratory.

Protocol_t: The same as above, but contains only the templates of cards. Number of real protocols are limited to the minimum that is sufficient to demonstrate the usage of this stack.

A simple sequence manipulation tool
Click here to go to SISEQ home page.

A simple tool for primer design
Click here to download source code.
To compile this software, you need SISEQ.
Edit the makefile for the path to SISEQ source.


A tool for graphical representation of microarray data
Click here to go to GenoMap home page.

A software for genome-wide clustering
Click here to go to Gclust home page.

Last update: April 12, 2007.

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