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A simple sequence manipulation tool.@Now version 159.

Developed by Naoki Sato

This package contains 15 small commands for manipulating sequence data.
They are useful in manipulating a large database entry.

See README file for the upgrades 1.59.
Version 159.41. May 24, 2011.

SISEQ is being updated with various powerful extensions. Version 1.24 is available as source code and binaries. In this version, most commands are compatible with multiple sequence file, either in the GenBank, EMBL, Swiss Prot or FASTA format. So, a mass conversion of multiple sequence file to protein or complementary sequence is now possible, which might be useful in making multiple alignment of both nucleic acid and amino acid sequences. Consult appropriate 'README' file and 'About' files for details. Help command of the siseq program is also available to see new commands and enhancements. Now, a script file can be processed automatically in the SISEQ program. Some shell commands such as copy, remove etc. as well as setting some global variables are available within the siseq program. A sample script is provided in the test directory as ''. Use '' as a default script file name. If siseq program is invoked in a directory where '' is present, siseq automatically executes commands in the script. To avoid this, rename ''. .

A single application "siseq.FAT" and "siseq.exe" provides interface to all commands of the SISEQ package in Mac and Win versions, respectively.


Sato, N. (2000)
Manipulation of multiple sequence and large database files for common platforms.
Bioinformatics 16, 180-181.

Binary distributions
(Many files are old. Sorry for that.)

SISEQ package for Mac (version 1.59.4, FAT)

SISEQ package for Windows or DOS (version 1.59.4)

SISEQ Tcl/Tk script: A simple GUI (guided user interface) for the SISEQ tools. Updated for SISEQ 1.2.3.
Requirements: the SISEQ package, Tcl7.6/Tk4.2, Tcl/Tk8.0, Tcl/Tk8.1 or Tcl/Tk8.2.
This script is now incorporated in the SISEQ package.

Read a short manual for

SISEQ package manual in Japanese

SISEQ package HTML manual in Japanese

SISEQ package manual in English

SISEQ manual (Word doc) in Japanese

The source code (version 1.59) of the SISEQ package is available without a charge to academic
community. Get a copy from

Last update: May 24, 2011.

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