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A tool for graphical representation of microarray data. Version 1.0.

Developed by Naoki Sato

This software is a script in Tcl/Tk. The Tcl/Tk (versions higher than 8.1) should be installed in the system. The script runs on UNIX systems including MacOS X. It runs on Windows and Macintosh classic if Tcl/Tk is installed, but drawing of large datasets are not correct for unknown reasons. Use therefore Unix or Mac OS X. If you use MacOS X, install X window system and then compile Tcl/Tk on your system. The Aqua version of the Wish program may be used, but appearance of some buttons might not be correct. Information on the use of MacOS X is available here (in Japanese).


Sato, N. and Ehira, S. (2003) GenoMap, a circular genome data viewer.
Bioinformatics 19, 1583-1584.

Source distribution

This distribution includes the package of GenoMap script and various documents with sample data. All documents may be viewed within the GenoMap GUI.

A package of script, documents and example data files (in gzip compressed tar file)

A package of script, documents and example data files (in zip compressed file)

Save one of these files in binary (not Mac binary)

Newest version of genomap script in Tcl/Tk

README file in text format

README file in PDF format

A PDF file for File format

Last update: Dec. 12, 2003.

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